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Newsletter - Current Nov 14, 2017
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Middletown Rotary Club




November 14, 2017



Meeting called to order – 12:35pm by Cheryl Duey

Reflections by Lisa Santangelo:

Voting is how we participate in civic society - be it for president, be it for a municipal election.  It’s the way we teach our children -in school elections- how to be citizens and the importance of their voice. Loretta Lynch



  • Cheryl Duey announced that the Community Foundation of Middlesex County awarded the Rotary Club $500 from their Neighbors Helping Neighbors Fund for Thanksgiving Baskets.
  • Sue Murphy distributed Thanksgiving Basket delivery assignments.
  • Kevin Wilhelm has the Rotary parking tags.  He asked people to call the families before delivery to note when baskets will arrive.  If a delivery can’t be completed, bring the baskets back to the church and they will be transported to the Amazing Grace Food Pantry.
  • The second week of December – Kevin will meet with new members (2016) to discuss a club project for the New Year.  The entire Rotary Club will be involved.
  • Lois Muraro – since next Tuesday’s meeting is “cancelled” for basket deliveries, someone should be at the First and Last in case a visiting Rotarian comes to the meeting.
  • Per the By-Laws – the new slate of officers are announced the second Tuesday of November:
    • President Elect – Eric Rodko (if he is unable to serve as President due to State budget issues – Howard Reid has agreed to fulfill the role)
    • Treasurer – Helene Vartelas
    • Assistant Treasurer – Dan Litwin
    • Sargent at Arms – Lisa Santangelo


Guests:  There were no guests



  • High:  Howard Reid – Pair of Aces - $6 to be donated to the Coalition to End Homelessness
  • Low:  Rich Tomc – 4279 - $6 to be donated to the Coalition to End Homelessness


King of Clubs:  The pot is now $91.00

  • Number 0243 – Eric Rodko –4 of Hearts
  • Number 0254 - Ken Vaughan –Queen of Spades 

Happy Dollars:

  • Cheryl Duey - Kevin filling in last week and her father is back in his home after a stay in a nursing home.
  • Howard Reid – Thank you to the shoppers for the children’s coats
  • Patti Vassia– For the new officers – they are meaningful jobs and for Sue Murphy – her wonderful organization of the addresses for turkey distribution and a wonderful visit in NYC with a young friend.
  • Lois Muraro – Her annual visit to NYC with her college roommate.  She saw Miss Saigon and the Rockettes
  • Carmela Gagnon– A wonderful visit to Virginia to see Trish
  • Sue Murphy – For Veterans Day being properly observed, not simply a vacation day. and for the newly elected officers.
  • Rich Tomc - $20 – for the Veterans, congratulations to the officers, Rich and his wife returning from Cambodia and Vietnam a day before the typhoon.
  • Kevin Wilhelm – for Eric as President elect
  • Lisa Santangelo – Election officials
  • Helene Vartelas– for veterans and for Sue Murphy and her organization of the turkey deliveries
  • Ken Vaughan – 25th wedding anniversary 

Club Assembly

Pat Tucker read the Board Minutes – they are posted on the website


Steve Lovelace– Publicity

Steve feels it is an ad hoc committee.  We can all contribute to publicity when we are in the community.  We are ambassadors of the Rotary Club.  The Communications person for Rotary International lives in West Hartford.  Steve has met with her.  It was helpful.  The Water Project video got posted on the site.  She is willing to come to the Club and speak whenever there is an opportunity.  Steve believes social media is complex.  Younger people who we want to attract, 30-40 don’t use Facebook.  He does send press releases to 25 media outlets.  Some pick them up.  For example when Cheryl hosted the play regarding refugees, she was interviewed by the media.


Patti Vassia stated that we should wear our Rotary pins, particularly when we deliver the turkey baskets.  Steve suggested that perhaps we could have Rotary sweatshirts to wear in the winter months. Lisa Santangelo stated that young people do not like meetings, they prefer experiences and giving back.  They want to participate in activities. Steve believes the landscape of clubs and organizations in the future will change dramatically, based on the preferences of young people.


Meeting Adjourned at 1:25pm


Respectfully Submitted

Kandyce Aust