Middletown Rotary Club



Date August 16, 2011


  2011-2012 International Log

















Former President Jim brought the meeting to order at 12:15 pm with song, pledge and prayer by Patti.


Guests today:
Nancy Haynes (Michael F.)
Ellen Hart (Lisa S.)
Catherine Epright (Paul H.)
Steve Lovelace (Paul H.) - speaker
Christa Berard (Carlton)


Visiting Rotarians:
??? - Windsor Locks


- Carlton: Thanks to Trish for assuming Sergeant-at-Arms responsibilities
- Carlton: Board vacancy. Please see Carlton before early-September. Term is thru 6/30/2012
- Patti: Recruiting for Reflections committee. See Patti.


Low: Ed (7-6-4-2-A)
High: Patti (3-8's)


Raffle: ($277 Pot)
Jeff Walter: 366179 - 4 of Spades (nope)
Pat Gomola; 366190 - King of Clubs (BINGO!!!!!!!)


Happy Dollars:
Carlton: a birthday with a "zero" in it
Garry: missed meetings; great time in WV
Patti: seeing Ceely Ackerman and husband later today
Sal: birthday
Pat G: Gary's birthday
Melissa Zorn: missed meetings, nice weather, business-after-work
Gary S.: missed meetings
???: greetings from Windsor Locks
Mike F: missed meeting; Nancy Haynes
Lisa: Pat taking over Sergeant-at-Arms table
Mike M.: week at Chautauqua
Maureen: Wednesday farmer's market; sign up for getting-to-know-your-business program
Paul: guests Catherine and Steve; business-after-work; Weigh Station Food Truck
Dan: guests Catherine and Steve


Steve Lovelace is the owner of Motion Pictures, a video-based marketing agency based in Middletown. His talk focused on two topics of interest to him: Connecticut Tourism and the Academic Media Partnership (AMPT).

Motion Pictures has worked on Connecticut Tourism for many years and did not abandon the effort despite sharply reduced budgets in the past couple of years. The imperative now is to replace expensive campaigns with grass-roots tourism marketing at the individual business level. Steve challenges all local business to think about how they fit into the tourism ecosystem, what they might offer, and what support they might need.
AMPT is an innovative partnership involving schools, kids, and private business, which promotes vocational internships.

Audience comments: Patti - we still need a unifying theme or hook to tie together grass-roots tourism marketing efforts. Mike F. - Middletown High School has a top-flight video studio and many talented students are already assisting on video projects inside and outside of the school, including internships.


The meeting was concluded with the Four-Way Test.


Respectfully submitted,
Dan Litwin