Each month, the Middletown Rotary Club honors outstanding contributions from its members.  We began the Rotarian of the Month Award in 2001.  Below is a list of the recipients:


2017 - 2018 Recipients
July     January                                
August     February  
September     March Cliff Straub
October     April  
November     May  
December     June  



2016 - 2017 Recipients
July      January Lois Muraro/Art Meyers                                  
August Justin Wilkie   February Kevin Wilhelm/Lisa Santangelo
September     March Chris Soulias/Dan Litwin
October Melissa Zorn/Sandra Driska Russo   April Patti Vasia
November Lois Muraro   May Steve Lovelace
December Eric Rodko   June  



2015 - 2016 Recipients
July  Trish Witzky-Lambert   January Richard Tomc/Gary Gomola
August Art Meyers   February Sherry White 
September     March Dan Litwin/Trish Witzky-Lambert
October Sherry White   April Cathy Stebbins/Pat Gomola
November Jade Stoltz/Trish Witzky-Lambert/Howard Schachter   May Cheryl Duey
December Patty Vassia   June Cliff Straub



2014 - 2015 Recipients
July     January Sandra Russo-Driska/Howard Schacter
August Paul Hughes   February Lois Muraro
September Laura Falt   March Carlton Winslow
October Cheryl Duey/Howard Reid   April Jessi Christiansen/Lisa Santangelo
November Judy Hall   May  
December Howard Reid   June Fred Macowitz



2013 - 2014 Recipients
July Patti Vassia/Kevin Wilhelm/Sue Murphy   January Howard Schachter
August Rob Lloyd   February Steve Lovelace/Howard Reid/Ken Vaughan
September Pat & Gary Gomola   March Pat Tully
October Paul Hughes   April Annette Margnelli/Pat Tucker
November Trish Witzky-Lambert/Jim Misenti/Sue Murphy   May  
December Sue Murphy/Patti Vassia/Lois Muraro/Jim Misenti/Joe Marino/Howard Reid   June Fred Macowitz/Cathy Stebbins


2012 - 2013 Recipients
July Jack Fleming   January Howard Reid
August Rob Lloyd   February Laura Falt
September     March  
October Howard Reid   April Pat Tully
November Trish Witzky-Lambert & Sue Murphy   May Annette Margnelli
December     June Fred Machowitz/Dan Litwin


2011 - 2012 Recipients
July Patti Vasia   January Howard Reid
August Dan Litwin   February Cathy Stebbins
September Gary & Pat Gomola   March Fred Machowitz
October Lois Muroro   April Gary Gomola
November Christa Berard   May Pat Tucker
December Laura Falt   June Pat Gomola


2010 - 2011 Recipients
July     January Bob Crawford
August Carlton Winslow   February  
September Lois Muraro   March Rich Tomc
October Laura Pedersen   April Fred Machowitz
November Judi Ann Lausier   May Bob Crawford
December     June Jack Fleming


2009 - 2010 Recipients
July Lois Muraro   January Howard Reid
August     February Garry Mullaney
September Ken Vaughan   March Cathy Stebbins
October Gary Gomola   April Frank Sumpter & Fred Machowitz
November Sue Murphy   May Mark Chatterton
December     June  


2008 - 2009 Recipients
July Laura Falt   January Mike Frechette
August Rich Carella   February Howard McAuliffe
September Kelly Knox   March Frank Sumpter & Fred Machowitz
October  Pat Lyman   April Rich Tomc
November Barry Sullivan   May Pat Tucker
December Gary Gomola   June Jack Fleming


2007 - 2008 Recipients
July Salvatore Misenti   January Terry Mink
August Patti Anne Vassia   February Cheryl Duey
September Laura Falt   March Jeff Walter
October Mukesh Chaya   April Ken Vaughn
November Cliff Straub   May  
December Howard Reid   June Ariel Carmago


2006 - 2007 Recipients
July Jim Misenti   January Cathy Stebbins
August Art Meyers   February Doug Dorman
September Patti Vassia & Dan Litwin   March Frank Sumpter
October Dana Baik   April  
November Bruce Driska   May  
December John Parker   June Art Meyers


2005 - 2006 Recipients
July Barry Sullivan   January  
August Dan Litwin   February  
September Sal Misenti   March Pat Tucker
October John Forneris   April Rich Tomc
November     May Chris Soulias
December     June  


2002 - 2003 Recipients
July 2002 Patti Anne Vassia   January 2003 Paul Buhl
August 2002 Cheryl Duey   February 2003  
September 2002 Bob Spencer   March 2003  
October 2002 Steve Young   April 2003  
November 2002 Dana Baik   May 2003  
December 2002 Howard McAuliffe   June 2003  
2001 - 2002 Recipients
July 2001 Carol Parmelee-Blancato   January 2002 Welles Guilmartin
August 2001 Patti Anne Vassia   February 2002 Rich Carella
September 2001 Steve Young, Frank Garitta, Pat Wolf Gomola, & Gary Gomola   March 2002 Pat Tucker
October 2001 Bill Wasch, Mary Ellen Moneymaker & Dick Gibbons   April 2002 Jeff Walter
November 2001 Jack Fleming & Dana Baik   May 2002 Morton Briggs
December 2001 Nancy Faraci   June 2002 Frank Sumpter